What to Do With a Knocked-Out Tooth

When an adult tooth is knocked-out, it can likely be put back into place, but this dental emergency needs to be dealt with right away. The blood vessels and tissue that fed and secured the tooth cannot be saved. This places the responsibility of keeping the tooth safe squarely on your shoulders. Fortunately, preserving a knocked-out tooth … Continued

August 8, 2018

Bruxism SlideShare: The Causes, Risks, Treatment and Prevention of Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding (bruxism) is a serious problem that can result in long-term damage to your smile. The SlideShare below examines this oral health issue along with possible treatments and ways to prevent future occurrences. If you are a tooth grinder, let DeWitt Dental Associates help. Call us at 303-321-5656 to schedule a consultation and learn more. Located … Continued

July 16, 2018

Ice Cream and Oral Health

Did you know that the average temperature for Denver, at this point in the season, is 79 degrees? While still hot, 79 seems almost balmy in comparison to the streak of 90+ degree days that Denver has recently experienced. And there is no indication that this trend is going to stop, meaning big business for … Continued

June 15, 2018

All About CEREC Dental Crowns

CEREC crowns are the fastest dental crown option available today. But not just fast, CEREC technology allows dental crowns to be custom-fitted to your smile, producing restorations that are shaped, sized, and colored exactly like the teeth they are protecting, enabling these same-day crowns to look and feel just like your natural teeth. If you are in … Continued

December 14, 2017

Same Day Restorations for Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies, such as teeth being knocked loose or out, trauma resulting in cracked or broken teeth, abscess beneath a tooth, sudden swelling around the jaw, or significant tooth pain often demand immediate attention. Unfortunately, treatment for dental emergencies is not always fast. In fact, under some circumstances, you may have to wait for weeks and make … Continued

November 13, 2017

What to Do If Your Child Has a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can be frightening, especially when it’s your child experiencing the problem. However, knowing what to do in a dental emergency can be the key to a successful outcome. Be sure to follow these tips during a dental emergency to ensure your child gets the proper care they need to keep their smile healthy and … Continued

November 15, 2016

Dental Emergency! What do I do?

When you experience acute illness or a horrific injury, you go to the emergency room to resolve the issue. But what do you do when you experience a broken tooth, dislodged teeth or sudden jaw swelling? As a premier dentistry office in the Cherry Creek, Colorado area, we are the experienced team of emergency dentists … Continued

May 12, 2016

Trauma to Teeth Increases on St. Patrick’s Day

Data from a software company that provides tools for over 10,000 dental offices in the United States suggests that visits to the dentist for chipped, broken, and missing teeth spike in the days following St. Patrick’s Day – by as much as 64%. Much of this increase in emergency dental visits has to do with over-consumption of … Continued

March 14, 2016

Sticky Sweets and Dental Restorations

Tis the Season for sticky sweets and, while very enjoyable, it is important to consider what these treats can do to dental restorations – and to take steps to protect yours from unnecessary damage. Restorations such as dental crowns and porcelain veneers are adhered to the surface of teeth with a bonding agent that allows them to … Continued

December 15, 2015