In its earliest stages, gum disease may cause gum tissue to redden and swell. These changes can be slight and unnoticeable, but are often quickly joined by the presence of blood when teeth are brushed. Even at this stage, gum disease may still be treatable through improved daily care, though it is always a good idea to discuss any changes in the appearance or comfort of your gums with one of the Cherry Creek dentists at DeWitt Dental Associates.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of gum disease, please contact DeWitt Dental Associates online or by calling our Cherry Creek office at 303-321-5656 to schedule a periodontal evaluation.

Advanced Symptoms of Gum Disease

When not treated early on, gum disease will progress and eventually produce symptoms including:

  • A chronic bad taste in the mouth
  • Bad breath that will not respond to brushing
  • Pus in between teeth
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Exposed tooth roots/receding gums
  • Changes in tooth color

These symptoms may point to periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease, and should prompt an immediate call to our office for a treatment evaluation. When left untreated, periodontitis can result in tooth loss and necrosis of the jaw.

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Systemic Consequences of Gum Disease

In addition to tooth loss and bone necrosis, periodontitis is linked to a number of deadly illnesses and diseases. Some of these include:

  • Heart attack and stroke
  • Kidney and liver failure
  • Esophageal, lung, pancreatic, and breast cancer
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Advanced gum disease is also known to cause premature birth and low birth weight in pregnant women and to complicate or exacerbate problems related to diabetes. If you have any of the symptoms of gum disease, prompt treatment is the best way to reduce your risks for these potentially life-threatening problems.

Treating Gum Disease

In its earliest stages, gum disease can be treated through a more thorough daily care routine. In some cases, our Cherry Creek dentists may suggest adding a prescription mouthwash to your daily care to ensure complete elimination of bacteria.

In advanced stages, scaling and root planing, laser treatments, and other forms of periotherapy may be necessary. During your treatment evaluation we will carefully assess your gums to determine which options will be most beneficial for your needs.

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