Cherry Creek Sedation Dentistry Candidates

Dental phobia or increased anxiety during dental visits are two of the leading reasons people look to sedation dentistry. However, these emotional discomforts are far from the only reasons to consider adding sedation to your visit. Our Cherry Creek sedation dentists utilize this safe and effective option to address many causes of physical and emotional uneasiness. We … Continued

April 14, 2016

Is Sedation Dentistry Good for Restlessness?

If you have a hard time sitting still or if you struggle with a condition such as restless leg syndrome, you may be a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Often, we think of this solution as being something for people who are nervous about dental care or suffer from dental phobia. But the safe and effective … Continued

December 21, 2015

Signs that you may benefit from Sedation Dentistry

Dental sedation provides a way for you to relax and ease your worries while being treated at the dentist’s office. A consultation with one of our experienced dentists is needed to determine if sedation may be right for you, but generally it may be a good option if one or more of the following statements applies … Continued

June 9, 2015

Is Sedation Dentistry right for You?

If you are someone who feels anxious about going to the dentist, perhaps even to the point of neglecting to visit the dentist regularly, then sedation dentistry at our Denver practice may be right for you. We offer two types of sedation: Our dentist Dr. Michael  DeWitt is state licensed to provide minimal to moderate intravenous sedation, … Continued

December 1, 2014