You are not alone if you have some level of fear of the dentist. Like many of our Denver patients, you may even avoid the dentist due to this anxiety. That’s where sedation dentistry can help.

However, many people don’t fully know or understand what sedation dentistry is. Dr. Michael DeWitt wants to explain what sedation dentistry entails, so you can be more prepared and relaxed for your next dental visit.

In general, sedation dentistry is the practice of calming and relaxing the patient in order to perform oral procedures. There are many different methods that dentists use to help calm their patients. While some use soothing music and blankets, DeWitt Dental Associates utilizes two primary types of sedation methods: IV and Nitrous Oxide.

  • IV Sedation: Licensed by the state of Colorado, the IV sedation technique we use requires the presence of an experienced nurse anesthetist who will conduct the IV placement and medication monitoring. This will allow you to remain in a state of light sleep, keeping you relaxed throughout your appointment.
  • Nitrous Oxide: This option is better known as “laughing gas” when it is administered as a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. This sedation technique will relax you, but still allow you to be awake and aware of what’s happening. The effects can wear off quickly after your appointment is finished.

If you are anxious about your next dentist appointment, our compassionate team will ensure that your experience is calming and relaxing. We will use gentle techniques and may suggest additional methods to keep your anxiety levels low. Our techniques can be used for any type of treatment, from routine check-ups to more in-depth procedures.

To schedule your sedation dentistry consultation, call our Denver office at 303-321-5656We are happy to create beautiful smiles in the Cherry Creek, Englewood and surrounding Colorado areas.

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