Almost immediately on the heels of a study linking gum disease to breast cancer comes a new meta-analysis of data gathered by the CDC regarding increased risks for death among people with chronic kidney disease who also have periodontitis. The Link between gum disease and kidney failure has long been known, but this study focused on mortality rates among those with chronic kidney disease, finding risks increase by 10% when gum disease is also present.

The most effective way to reduce your risks for gum disease is through a consistent daily oral hygiene routine and biannual visits to our Cherry Creek dental office. These visits enable us to remove tartar from below the gum line – an essential step in preventing periodontal disease – and to detect and provide treatment for any issues that may have developed in between visits. While these services are important for everyone, they become increasingly important if you at higher risk for health complications. If you are in a high risk group, our dentists may recommend you visit our office with greater frequency to help protect your oral and systemic health. This will be discussed as appropriate during your visits and adjusted accordingly to your changing needs.

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