Like charcoal teeth whitening, using strawberries to brighten your smile has been touted as a miracle at-home treatment by some holistic bloggers and websites. According to these sources, mixing baking soda with crushed strawberries and brushing with the mixture can remove surface stains and help whiten teeth. And this is not entirely false.

Indeed, research conducted at the University of Iowa found that this mixture was capable of removing surface debris from teeth. Unfortunately, due to the high concentration of both citric and malic acid in strawberries, this mixture reduced surface hardness on subjects’ teeth by 10%. Not only can this lead to tooth sensitivity, it can allow dentin – the yellowish, calcified tissue just below your enamel – to show through, further yellowing teeth.

Strawberry Tooth

The takeaway? Strawberries have the same tooth whitening properties as most over the counter toothpaste. Their acid content aids in the removal of surface debris and plaque, but it also impacts enamel strength and offers nothing to counter this negative impact. Therefore, as with charcoal teeth whitening, brightening your smile with strawberries is not recommended. In fact, it is discouraged by most dental professionals.

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