A bright, white smile is a feature adored by many of us. Lots of people are interested in whitening their smiles, and each of us is dealing with different dental issues at the time we may choose to get teeth whitening. If you have one or more dental crowns and want to whiten your smile, be aware that the materials used to make the crowns cannot be whitened. For porcelain crowns especially, you cannot whiten the porcelain material but you can choose the shade you want in the tooth crown.

If you are about to get your teeth restored with dental crowns, then you should whiten your teeth before you get the crowns. Once your natural teeth are whitened to the shade you want, then our experienced dentists can match the porcelain dental crowns to your natural teeth. This way, you will have a seamlessly bright smile.

In certain situations, our dentists may be able to replace your old, stained restorations with new, bright ones. Call us today to schedule your appointment. We believe each of our guests deserve a smile that allows them to feel confident and self-assured. We’ll help you decide which cosmetic dentistry treatments will meet your expectations and accomplish your goals for your smile.

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